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Unchained organizes and advocates to dismantle the carceral state and guarantee access to dynamic and culturally-relevant education.

We invest in people locked up by police and locked out of schools to build power and chart a path toward liberation by making racial and economic justice a reality.


“People who have been locked up and locked out hold the key to winning the struggle for freedom.”

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Unchained is co-led by husband and wife team Derek and Emily NaPier Singletary. Derek is a Black man with a lifetime of experience fighting oppression and is currently incarcerated in the New York state prison system pursuing his Bachelor's degree from inside the walls. Emily is a white woman who has worked to dismantle systems of punishment for over 15 years as an organizer, advocate, researcher, and educator. Together they are bridging the gap between prison and community to build a more powerful movement.


Our Vision

We imagine a world without police and prisons, where schools nurture children of color rather than criminalizing them. This is a world without white supremacy or any form of oppression and where economic freedom is possible for everyone. It is a world where safety is measured by the availability and quality of resources in a community, not the number of police officers patrolling its streets and schools. We envision a world Unchained.